Frequently Asked Questions

Who is “We Demand More”?

We Demand More is an organization of 50+ STM alumni that came together in response to the Catholic Dioceses of Lafayette’s new “Sexual Identity Policy”


What is We Demand More’s goal?

We want a dialogue with both STM and the Diocese. We will keep advocating for that dialogue until it finally comes to be. This dialogue requires both the school and the diocese. The policy and the culture that promoted this policy must be addressed.


What are our demands for STM?

  • Repeal the Sexual Identity Policy

  • Join in initiating dialogue with the Diocese

  • Acknowledge students by their chosen name or last name

  • Respect requests to use pronouns that align with the student's gender identity

  • Allow all students to have an option to wear pants on mass days, regardless of gender expression

  • Provide access to a gender-neutral or single-stall bathroom

  • Reform the culture of the campus to be one of inclusion and dignity


What are our demands for the diocese?

  • Repeal the Sexual Identity Policy

  • Initiate dialogue with WDM

  • Acknowledge the large body of evidence of the damage the policy will cause

  • Affirm the existence of transgender and non-binary lives

  • Reform the culture of the diocese to be one of inclusion and dignity 

  • Embrace all of God's children with tenderness and dignity, including very vulnerable queer students


Why aren’t you engaging with ______?

We Demand More has clearly articulated the desire and need to have a dialogue with specifically the Diocese of Lafayette and the administration of Saint Thomas More. Run-of-the-mill opponents online—especially those who hide behind anonymous accounts—do not constructively contribute to that dialogue, especially when their comments and questions address matters that have already been discussed by WDM.


What is the money you’re collecting going towards?

Funds donated to our GoFundMe and profits made from our Redbubble merch go towards:

  • Legal Consultations

  • PR

  • Marketing Maintenance

  • Photo/Video Editing 

  • Future Investments at STM for Queer Students 

If We Demand More ever has an excess of funds, we commit to donating to the Trevor Project.